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A day in bed with the cat

Spent the day in bed with the cat. I know, a cat in bed… But a warm, loving cat against your belly is very nice and comforting when every inch in your body hurts and you’re not even able to keep your eyes open. 

It’s Sara’s little trick one day a month to deal with her bellyache. 

Plus, it makes the cat happy and she has some hard days coming up. There are still problems with her ear, so tomorrow she has to have surgery. Poor thing. It doesn’t make me sleep any better either. 

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My last worry is what effect this fever will have on my stamina. I was in good shape. I had hoped to go for a 30 kilometers run at the end of this month. I hope this fever won’t set me back too much. 

I know it’s a stupid thing to worry about, and it’s totally not important, but still. I worked hard to get here. 


The bright side of life

But as Monty Python already sang; Always look at the bright side of life. The bright side is, my ankles don’t hurt. 24 kilometers in the hills of Limburg during the Alfa Bear Trail and they are fine. And that one week after I ran 27,5 kilometers. I have to stay careful, but I think it’s a good sign. They have been handling long distances without too many problems now a few times in a row. 

I do credit Brooks for that as well. Their shoes feel great. And no, I’m not getting paid to say that. I don’t think they even know who I am. I decided to buy a pair of Brooks, because I remembered running on them in my first running life and because they have shoes with an extra wide toe box. 

I have flat feet and, probably because of that, also very wide feet. I like my little toe to live next to my other four toes. Not be squeezed underneath them, because of too small shoes, as most running shoes are. I mean, our feet are wide up front by nature, so why aren’t shoes wide up front? 

But that’s a whole other story. For now, back to bed with the cat.


Photo: Sunday celebrating with beer after the finish of the Alfa Bear Trail and now sick in bed with the cat

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