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A day without training

A day without training. Not even yoga. That kind of feels strange. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t do anything at all. The reason for this lazy day; my parents are coming tomorrow, so we had to tidy up.

Not that the house is a big mess, but it could do with some tidying up. On top of that, we are leaving on Monday for Scotland, so we have to finish up some work. Administration, yoga courses, shooting reels, that kind of stuff.

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A day without training

My parents will be here tomorrow, after breakfast. That means I can get one more run in before breakfast. Just my favorite trail in the forest behind our house. A kind of goodbye run. After that, the next run will be in Edinburgh. So tomorrow won’t be a day without training.  Two in a row is a little bit too much of a good thing.

We’ll be taking the DFDS ferry from IJmuiden (Amsterdam) to Newcastle. That will take us almost 17 hours, which allows me enough time to find a nice trail online to run in Edinburgh.

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