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A morning full of doubts

Recovery run, lactate threshold test or an easy run? 7 kilometers, 10 or 15? Some intervals or not? And what is it I feel in my right ankle? This morning is a morning full of doubts. One, I can’t decide what to do.

So breakfast first, followed by another cup of tea. Just to buy me some time and make up my mind.


A nagging right ankle

I definitely feel something in my right ankle. It’s the one I’m operated on. Right ankle is alarm bell number one. It’s not precisely where I used to have pain and a numb feeling, but it’s somewhere in the same area. It’s not painful, just a nagging feeling.

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I had it before. After the Viking Steam Trail. That one was the longest run I’ve done so far with 24.11 kilometers. Interestingly enough after the Three Mealls Trail Race in Kinlochleven, Scotland, I had no problems. That one was only 19 kilometers, but over brutal terrain with all the loose rocks, mud and bog. Besides that, both times I was running for 2 hours and forty plus minutes.


No ankle problems

The only time I ran longer was in Italy, when I ran up Mount Conero. Again less kilometers, 19 versus 24, but going up Mount Conero took me more than 3 hours. 20 minutes more than the Viking Trail. After Mount Conero my ankle was fine.

This strengthens me in the idea that I can do long distances. I just either need to walk part of it, or I need to run uphill. Walking is not a problem in the Netherlands, uphill is, as we don’t have hills.


Resting my ankle

But this morning, no long distances. I like to give my ankle a bit more rest. Also nothing too fast, as running fast is more impactful for my ankle.

In the end I decide to run my favorite route, with an extra loop, so I can do 2 intervals. For the rest I’m keeping my heart rate below 150 beats per minute.

Being outside helps me to clear my mind. This autumn is an amazing one. Fresh mornings, but with the sun coming out, it’s the perfect temperature to run. Wherever I look, I see mushrooms. Birds are singing around me, beechnuts are falling from the trees and leaves are slowly swirling down.

An hour later all my worries are gone. As long as I’m listening to my body, I’ll be fine. It just means sometimes I can run a little bit more, sometimes a little bit less. But running less is better than not running at all.

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