A trail running guide Scotland

Looking back at all my Scotland stories, it feels like I made a trail running guide Scotland

Done. I’ve  put my last Scotland running story online. Maybe it’s not something you should say yourself, but it was fun to read all those stories again. And looking back at them, it almost feels like I made a trail running guide Scotland.

Okay, the real trail running guide Scotland is probably the book Running Adventures Scotland by Ross Brannigan. I picked it up during our trip in September in one of the many bookshops we visited. I think it was Waterstones in Aviemore.


Travel guide

Scotland is the perfect holiday country for trail runningI want to use it as a travel guide next time we visit Scotland. I’ll pick out the most beautiful runs of the 25 that are in the book and that will be the places we’ll visit. If Sara agrees of course. There are definitely some trail runs in there she can do as well. But let’s first wait and see how she likes running in Sussex and in the Dolomites next year.

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If Scotland will happen next year, is still a question. Sara has some big plans for retreats, a new La Scimmia Yoga festival next year. Looking at our film and travelling schedule now, I don’t think there is time to go to Scotland. Luckily, we still have the stories.


Playing catch up

That my trail running guide Scotland is online only now, is because I started writing these stories, before the website was built. I wanted to have some content for you, when the website would be online. Well, it’s live since a couple of weeks. I’m just playing catch up with all the stories I’ve written since August 10, the day this website came online. But better late than never.

Here are all the running and hiking stories. If you want to read the stories of the days in between, you can find them in the diary.

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