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An extra day of rest

Took an extra day of rest today. My left knee is a little bit sensitive on the inside after Monday’s long run. Not sure what it is. It feels like the bone of my femur. Although pressing it, it might have to do with a tendon. Pressing it makes me almost jump off the sofa. 

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An extra day or rest won’t affect my running schedule. I almost always have, during the week, two days of rest in a row. I am just switching around a resting day for a running day. I’ll make up for it later this week. 


Pincha Mayurasana

Started my day with some slow Vinyasa Flow yoga. Working into Pincha Mayurasana, the underarm stand. I haven’t done that pose for ages and I feel very rusty. Tomorrow or Saturday I have to record a yoga class with Pincha for La Scimmia Yoga, so I better train a little. I mean, it’s nice to be able to do the pose, if you want to explain to people how to do it. 

DHL came by and dropped off Yoga du Bonheur, the French translation of Yoga della Felicita (Yoga of Happiness), the book Sara and I wrote at the end of 2019. We discovered the translation by chance as Macro, our publisher, never mentioned that they translated the book for the French market. 


Instagram followers

We actually wanted to buy Mon Agenda Perpetuel de yoga, the French translation of our Il Diario della Practica (the Yoga Journal). Another translation Macro forgot the mention. I discovered that one, thanks to a follower on Instagram, who sent me a thankyou for writing the journal. We knew it was translated in Spanish – El Diario de la Practica – but that’s all. 

It’s kind of cool to have three books in my name, from which two are translated. Maybe my yoga children’s book Il Bimbo e la Stella Magica (The Little kid and the Magic Star) has been translated by now as well and our publisher has forgotten to mention that too. 



A rest day also means an extra long siesta. Not just my favorite, but also Sara’s and Maus’, the cat. She even knows what it means. This afternoon she was napping on the dining room chair, but as soons as we said: ‘Maus siesta’, she came running to the sofa and curled up against my belly. 

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