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An ocean of love

Yoga has a beautiful philosophy. It believes we’re all one. We come to earth to have an experience. After that, we return to this ocean of love, from which we originate.

That is, if you live your life right. Which means as much as no violence (towards others, animals and the earth), no hate, no greed. In other words; be love. If not, you will be reborn, and start over again.


Heaven and hell

If you want, you could compare it with the idea of heaven and hell. Heaven is the ocean of love. Hell is earth. I mean look around you. There are lots of amazing people doing good for others and the earth. Yet, there are also more and more assholes. Just look at politics.

We had a heavy day today. We had to let go of our cat, Maus (terminal cancer). She was love. She was a Buddha, complete with a Buddha belly. Knowing that she returned to the ocean of love, gives us strength. We’re incredibly sad she’s not with us anymore, but we’re happy for her that she’s back to the ocean of love.

It also encourages us to give even more. To share more. To help more. Because one day, we hope to be love as well, and return to the ocean of love, to be united with Maus again.


Hippy energy

I know, it all sounds a bit hippy-ish. Maybe you want to change the word love for energy, because we’re energy. If that’s too hippy as well, just think about how your heart works. It beats, thanks to the sinus node, that generates an electrical stimulus. And electricity is… a specific type of energy.

So yes, we’re all energy, we’re all love. So maybe we indeed come from an ocean of love and return to it. I sure hope so.



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