Can I break the 25 kilometers barrier?

Tomorrow is the day. I’m going to break the 25 kilometers barrier. It’s my 2nd try. The first time I failed, but it wasn’t my fault.

Tomorrow is the day. I’m going to try to break the 25 kilometers barrier. It’s my second try. The first time I failed, but it wasn’t my fault. Let me tell you why.

August 24 the plan was to break the 25 kilometers barrier. See, I have this crazy idea to run 50 kilometers when I’m 50. I’m still building up the amount of kilometers I can run. In August it was time to run 25k. That’s why I signed up for the Viking Steam Trail.

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890 meters too short

That trail was supposed to be 25 kilometers long. However, when I finished my Garmin Fenix told me I only ran 24 kilometers and 110 meters. 890 meters too short to break the 25 kilometers barrier.

I’ve to admit, when I crossed the finish line I was kind of done with running. I had been running for 2 hours and almost 45 minutes. I didn’t really feel like turning around and run 445 meters back. Turn around again and cross the finish line one more time, so I could complete the 25 kilometers.


Mental barrier

But ever since the Viking Steam Trail, it kept on bothering me that I didn’t run 25 kilometers. It feels like some kind of mental barrier I want to break first, before I take on longer distances. I should be able to do it. If I can run 24,1 kilometers I can run 25 or not?

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It’s only 900 meters more. Yet 900 meters with tired legs is something different than 900 meters with fresh legs.



If I can choose, I prefer to break the barrier during a race. Races are always a bit easier than running 25 kilometers on my own. I like the atmosphere of a race. Often I chat a bit with other runners, which makes time go by quicker. And often there is a refreshment post where you can get something to drink and eat.

Don’t get me wrong, I love running. It’s just that after 2 hours I get bored, when I’m not running in the mountains. And I don’t mind carrying all my water, energy bars and gels with me, but a shot of Coca Cola for the last 5 kilometers isn’t bad. Or some salty food or bananas. I normally don’t carry that.


A new adventure

To keep myself entertained tomorrow, I’m going on a little adventure. Sara and I often go walking in the Malpie, a beautiful nature reserve not far from here. However, to get there we go by car, as it’s too far to walk. Well, tomorrow I won’t. Tomorrow I’m going to find a way from home through the forest and the countryside to the Malpie. Run around the Malpie and find another way back.

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So, to summarize it; tomorrow I have two missions. Find a trail to the Malpie and back, and break the 25 kilometers barrier. Will I succeed? I’ll let you know tomorrow.

Today's training

Vinyasa Flow
40 minutes

Running with Sara
7 kilometers in 1 hour and 6 minutes


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