Cheering at Skyline Scotland

Just hanging around a bit at today’s races at Skyline Scotland in Kinlochleven to cheer for today's runners. Tomorrow it's my turn.

Last day before the Three Mealls Trail race. Easy day. Very easy day. Just hanging around a bit at today’s races at Skyline Scotland in Kinlochleven.

It’s always nice when people cheer for you in your last meters to the finish line. But for that, you need spectators, who cheer. Not just for the fast runners, but also for the slow ones. The runners that are still coming in, when the fast girls and guys already have had their shower, award ceremony and are already on their way home. So today Sara and I played cheerleaders, and cheered people on.

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Mountain Yoga

Great, freshly baked pizza at Skyline ScotlandBut not after doing some yoga. This time I even got out of bed for it, because part of Skyline Scotland are the yoga classes of Penny of Mountain Yoga Kinlochleven, who treated us to a nice, mellow core workout annex yoga class.

Let’s say it was enough movement to use it as an excuse to get a hot chocolate and a pizza for lunch. Maybe not the best food for the run of tomorrow, but the pizzas just smelled too nice. And I do have an Italian girlfriend, so I can’t not have pizza when they are baking fresh ones.


Chocolate milk

Scottish music at the finish line of Skyline ScotlandOne of the best recovery drinks, is seemingly chocolate milk. If it is good after running, I figured it’s good before running. So in the afternoon Sara and I went back to do some more cheering, listen to a talk of Katie Kaars Sijpesteijn, the winner of the Salomon Lochaber 80 Trail Ultra (part of Skyline Scotland as well), enjoy some Scottish music and have another hot chocolate.

And now? Now I’m in bed. Feet up and ready for an early night.

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Today's training

Mountain yoga at Skyline Scotland
1 hour and 32 minutes


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