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Counting down the days until I can run

Another day of rest. It’s getting harder and harder each day. I told myself I should wait up until Sunday, but at this moment I’m counting down the days until I can run again.

A week of rest should do my legs good. Today’s rest started with half an hour of Yin yoga, followed by a shower and a massage. Peter Hoevenaars came to the house again, to work on my legs, neck and shoulders.



It feels pretty luxurious to have him come over more or less once every two weeks. But I promised myself to take better care of myself in this second running life. For me that simply means eating good food and lots of focus on rest and recovery. Yoga and massages are my recovery.

I have some more tricks up my sleeve, but they will come as soon as I further increase the distance. Because that’s the plan from here onward. See if my ankles also stay okay if I run longer distances.


My longest run

So far the longest has been the Viking Steam Trail. According to my Garmin it was 24.11 kilometers. Not the 25 kilometers it was supposed to be, but not that much less. Time-wise it was my second longest run. My longest time-wise was running up Mount Conero in Italy this summer. That took me 3 hours, one minute and 57 seconds.

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That trail was only 19.07 kilometers long, but it had 814 meters of altitude. Even slightly more than last Sunday’s Three Mealls Trail Race, which had 774 meters of altitude, according to my Garmin. And which was my third longest run time-wise, after Mount Conero and the Viking Steam Trail.


30 kilometers

The question is, if I can run for 3 hours on mountainous trails and I can run 25 kilometers on relatively flat trails (245 meters of altitude) can I also run 30 kilometers? Answering that question will be my next challenge.

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