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Crazy weeks versus boring weeks

This week is one of those crazy weeks with a lot of things happening. Sadly enough, because I like boring weeks. I’ll tell you why.

I like to run. I like to do yoga. And I like to meditate and to work on my core, and to do some strength training. And I like to study. That’s a lot to fit into my daily and weekly planning. As long as I have boring weeks, it’s no problem. All of this fits in.

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As soon as the weeks become crazy – maybe some people will call them exciting – it doesn’t fit anymore. I have to skip training sessions and/or I have to compromise.


Crazy week

This week is one of those crazy weeks. Maybe it already started last week, when we returned from Scotland. We have our company, La Scimmia Yoga. Not working for two weeks means there is two weeks of work waiting for us when we come home.

This week I hoped to return to normal. Yet, Monday morning the carpenter was already here to take the measurements for Sara’s walk-in closet. That’s one of the good things about not having children. You can turn a small room into a walk-in closet. As Sara has to change outfit a couple of times a day, because of all the yoga videos and social media content we make, a walk-in closet is a handy thing.


Solar panels

Tomorrow Ton Hendriks, TH Watertechniek,  will be here to dig the trench for the cables of the solar panels. Friday they will install the solar panels. By then we won’t be at home anymore. Sara is teaching at the Yoga Festival in Milan this weekend, so tomorrow we’re flying to Milan.

It does mean that I can’t train tomorrow. First I have to be home when Ton is here, and when he is done, I’m travelling to Milan.

Friday I’m with Sara’s parents. We haven’t seen them since summer, so it’s not so nice to go for a run then. Saturday and Sunday I’m at the yoga festival helping out Sara, playing roadie for Nicola Artico and signing books for people who bought Yoga della Felicita (Yoga of Happiness), the book Sara and I wrote.


No easy run, no long run

And that’s the weekend. No easy run, no long run. Maybe, maybe if I’m lucky, some core work and some yoga.

Lots of things, exciting things. But no running. So if I can choose, just give me a boring week, so I can run.

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