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Doubts about my next trail running race

I have doubts about what my next trail running race is going to be. It’s November, it’s cold and wet. I can handle cold, I can handle wet, I can’t handle the combination of the two. On top of that, I’m still positive (COVID) and I still don’t know what the effect has been on my stamina. 

So yes, where to start next? I had a look online this morning. I’m not somebody who surfs the internet a lot. I never know where to look for, except when I’m researching for work or looking for the science behind certain training methods. But looking at the trail races that are out there, is something I do. It’s fun. 


A new world

I mean, this trail running world is still a new world for me. My second running life only began a year and a half ago. Sometimes I almost forget. And as I told you, during my first running life there weren’t any trail run races around, so every race I now discover, is a new discovery. 

The idea was to run at the end of this month 30 kilometers, preferably in a race. I can do it in training, easily. I just draw a trail in my AllTrails app, download the gpx on my watch and go for a run. But if I do 30k, it’s more fun to do it in a race. Especially if I get a bib number and a medal. We keep them on a beam in the office, as a memory. Plus, it looks nice and colorful. 


Kempen Trail

This weekend is the Duinengordel Trail in Oudsbergen, Belgium. They have a 30 kilometers, but I think it’s a bit quick to run there. I want to train a few times first and feel how my legs and stamina are. 

Next week is the Kempen Trail. That one is 33 kilometers. Three kilometers more than planned, but also one week later. Maybe that’s a better option. Plus, that one is in Bladel. That is literally two villages away from here. Nice and close. 

On top of that, the weather looks good, two weeks from now. I know, it’s too far away for a good prediction, but it’s nice to have an idea. It’s going to be cold, but mostly dry. So I just have to deal with the cold. As I told you, I can do that. 

So the only thing I have to do now, is to get rid of this COVID. Wednesday I’m testing again. Fingers crossed. 

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