Finally updating my training schedule

My Training Schedule

I’m finally updating my training schedule. I have to admit, I lost sight of it in the last month. I think the bad race in Schoorl was a big motivation dip, followed by having to cancel the Twentse Smokkel Trail, because of the cat and me getting sick after that.

But now I’ve planned to run my first 30 kilometers of my second running life, I want to be back on track. Luckily I’ve got Strava since a couple of months. So I can just copy the data of my Strava – starting from the day after the Schoorlse Duinen Trail – to my running schedule to have the complete picture again.

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Facts and feelings

Done. All data is in my training schedule. The truth is, it doesn’t look so bad. Sure, the week I was sick, I only ran 6 kilometers, but the week after that I already ran 28 kilometers in total again. Far from the 40 to 50 I want to run, but it’s a start.

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I think that’s the good thing about having a training schedule, you can distinguish facts from feelings. I think I’m not the only one who sometimes thinks he doesn’t train hard enough or doesn’t run enough kilometers. And yes I know I could run more. Maybe I should run more, but I do have bad ankles. For me running is keeping the balance between having fun and being able to keep on running on one side, and running too much on the other side.


Running with Sara

The other thing I have to keep in mind is that I’ve also been running a lot with Sara. Which is really nice, but it does mean I’m running shorter distances. She just started from zero. Although, just started, she’s already on her second running schedule. Soon she will run for an hour.

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It’s just that I have to find the balance between running together with her, and going for a run on my own. Without running multiple days in a row. My ankles can’t handle that. So yes, choices, choices, choices. But he, that’s where training schedules are for.

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