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First run after our holiday in Scotland

First run after coming home from our holiday in Scotland. 19 kilometers. It was fresh, it was rainy, and it was lovely. I combined two of my routes: my favorite trail and a new trail I recently ran.

Started in a kind of drizzle, with my rain jacket on. However, I took it off, half way through the run. I was pretty warm by then. Probably, because I wanted to take back my Strava crown for a segment I created alongside an agricultural field.

Strava segments

mushroom season has started in the NetherlandsI will lose it again, I know. I’m not a fast runner. But I lost it when I was in Scotland by a couple of seconds, so I knew I would be able to get it back.

I’m not so into these Strava segments. Science teaches us it’s best to run slow. But running slow looks bad on Strava. It’s an ego thing. So Strava kind of forces people to run fast. Or better, their ego does, but Strava is feeding their ego.

As I told you yesterday, I’m putting a bit more speed-work in my training. This segment next to the agricultural field is a speed section for me. That’s why I tried to take back my crown. If this had been a recovery run, I wouldn’t have bothered.

Good legs, tired legs

My legs felt great for the first 11 kilometers. After that they became heavy. Running first a beautiful trail, followed by a more urban route didn’t help. Heavy legs and an uninspiring surrounding isn’t a good combination. I have to plan that better next time.

It’s just that I didn’t want to drive anywhere for a run. We yesterday picked up a Citroen eC4 electric at Autobedrijf Dirks, here in Bergeijk for a test ride weekend. Our company, La Scimmia Yoga, wants to be climate neutral. Driving electric is part of that. As this isn’t my car, I didn’t want to sit in it, all sweaty after a long run.

Battle between head and legs

It was nice to run again though. I missed it. Not running for a week is long. Too long. I know it’s good to have a break after a race. Feeling my legs already becoming heavy after 11 kilometers, maybe that break should have been longer. Yet, I just needed to run.

I think running is sometimes a battle between your head and your legs. Your head wants to go on, your legs don’t. But not running is often the same battle. Your head wants to go and run, your legs want to rest.

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