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Heavy legs and a new book

Went out with Sara for her fifth run today. Five times one minute. She’s still smiling throughout the whole minute. That’s a good sign. I think I was smiling a little less. I have heavy legs from yesterday’s Amerongse Berg Trail.

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I started a new book. The Penguin Lessons by Tom Michell. Published by Penguin, funny enough. It’s really nice so far. I think it’s going to be one of those books I finish in a couple of days. Reading for me is a perfect way of resting, and giving my heavy legs a break.


Above the clouds

It does mean I’m reading three books at the same time, because I haven’t finished Above the Clouds by Kilian Jornet yet. Let’s just say it’s not a page turner. I’m going to finish it. It’s just very chaotic, and not really a promotion for trail running. On the contrary, which makes me a bit sad. But I’ll write more about that in the review.

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The other book I’m reading is a Dutch book; Een streep op de weg by Dolf Jansen. It’s a bundle of his columns, and short stories. I like to read 2 or 3 of them before I go to bed.


No television

Most of the time I read a couple of books at the same time. Generally two. One study book and one fantasy book. I told you, I don’t watch television. I run, do yoga and read instead. If I’m lucky the book I read for study is so gripping I don’t want to read another book on the side.

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That mostly happens when it’s not a study, study book, but more a biography or somebody’s personal mission, like running their first ultra. Above the Clouds could have been something like that, but it isn’t. Maybe Born to Run, one of the next books I want to read. I’m slowly getting a nice collection of running books. I’ll share them with you in the book section of this website.

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