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Heavy legs turn an easy into a hard run

Sometimes easy runs don’t feel that easy. Today was one of those days. Today’s easy run felt more like a hard run. Simply, because my legs were still tired from the long run last Monday. Heavy legs or not, it was still beautiful to be out there. 

Why? Because running for me is the best way to wake-up. I am a slow starter. A very slow starter, if you will ask Sara, my girlfriend. When the alarm goes, it’s time for a hug, followed by a few stretches in bed and some more yoga downstairs on my mat. After that, breakfast, shower and my morning tea. And only then, I am ready for the day. 



Trail running first thing in the morning, changes the whole dynamic. I get up a bit earlier, to avoid the heat of the day, jump into my running gear and I am off. Sometimes just for a quick run in the forest behind our house, sometimes for a longer run in one of the nature areas around our town. When I am back, I am awake. Ready to face the day. I don’t even need my morning tea. 

I think my girlfriend prefers my running days. First of all, she has the whole bed to herself. Secondly, she can talk to me first thing in the morning, without getting a blank look, because my brain hasn’t shifted into gear yet. That’s probably why she is always enthusiastic when I go for a run. 


Deer and squirrels

The coolest thing about running first thing in the morning is all the animals that are still out there. I often see deer, birds of prey, hares, the size of a dog, and squirrels. They make the easy runs easy, because I stop whenever I see them and look at them. And when my legs are heavy, I just look a little longer. Using the deer and squirrels as an excuse to rest my legs.

So little red squirrel, high up the tree this morning, thank you very much. You made a hard run an easy one. 

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