Home again, this time to stay

Sara and Nicola teaching at Yoga Festival Milan, last weekend. Now we’re home again. This time to stay. Well, not forever, but at least longer than a week. I’m happy to be home as I can’t wait to go for a run.

We’re home again. This time to stay. Well, not forever, but at least longer than one week, like last time when we came home from Scotland. I’m happy to be home again. I can’t wait to go for a run.

I haven’t run for 6 days. Only 6 days, but 6 days feels very long. Especially, because after the Three Mealls Trail Race I didn’t run for 5 days as well. Which means in the last 17 days, I only ran 3 times. Normally I run 6 times in 2 weeks.

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Chaotic times

The last 2 weeks have been very chaotic. We came home from Scotland with lots of work awaiting us. At the same time we had to prepare for the Milan Yoga Festival. Which meant that being at home we never picked up our daily rhythm again.

It’s this rhythm we like, with doing yoga in the morning (Sara every day, me every second day) and doing some core, strength and/or HIIT-work (High Intensity Interval Training) in the evening. It’s this tight schedule that helps us to do all the work we have to do.


Live yoga classes

Now we’re back, there is another load of work awaiting us. Especially, because next weekend we have a weekend full of live yoga classes on YouTube and Instagram. Starting already Thursday. Which is within 3 days.

Sometimes it all feels a little bit too much. Too much work, too much planning, too much organizing. Our company is bigger than Sara and me, and we have people doing loads of work for us. But at the end of the day, all responsibility is ours.


Escape from worries

Maybe that’s why I love trail running as well. It’s a little escape from all worries. A moment for myself. I have that when I do yoga as well. However, because I do yoga in our yoga shala, beneath our office, there is always something that reminds me of work.

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Don’t get me wrong, I love what we do. I love that we’ve just been to Milan to meet so many of our students. To talk with them, to give them a hug. But it does mean we didn’t have a weekend. Nor will we have one next weekend, because of the live classes. And sometimes we really need a weekend.


Going nowhere

The good thing is, we’re home. And for the next couple of weeks we don’t have any plans to go somewhere. Just home.

The other good thing was, the journey home was a smooth one. Especially good, because we couldn’t really keep our eyes open. We’re too tired of the festival, of all the impressions and the late night out. I even had 2 beers and a Jagermeister. That’s about the amount of alcohol I normally drink in a whole month.

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Mother for dinner

The other good thing, being at the airport, and on the plane gave me the time to read a book; Mother for dinner. If you like funny books, read it. I’m not going to spoil anything, but it’s hilarious, and makes you think at the same time. The perfect combination.

That’s it for now. Bed time. I still owe you a few words about the festival. No worries, they will come. One day.

Photo: Sara and Nicola teaching at Yoga Festival Milan, last weekend

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