How quickly things change

Out for a run with Sara. It’s funny how quickly things change. The first trail run races I was nervous. Now? I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s race, but nervous? No.

It’s funny how quickly things change. The first trail run races I did, I was nervous. Now? I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s race, but nervous? No. It’s just another race.

I know I will be a bit nervous tomorrow, but that has only to do with being on time. Traffic is something I don’t control. For the rest I’m fine. I’m running 21 kilometers. I can do that. I’ve done it before, and I feel good.


Running with Sara

21 kilometers is only 21 kilometers. As I write this, it sounds crazy. Especially because I’m running with Sara again. That’s a great reminder of how I started summer last year.

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Today we ran three times 45 seconds. She did great. I’m proud of her. She’s smiling all the time. We walked a couple of minutes, ran, walked a minute, ran again and did that one more time, before we walked home.


Zero to hero

It’s the easiest start I’ve ever done, and that’s great. The start should be easy. I’m designing her zero to hero running schedule. I want to make it the easiest start to run schedule ever. Sara is my guinea pig.

But more about that later. Let’s get back to tomorrow. I’ll be running the Amerongse Berg Trail. 21 kilometers, as I said. In my first running life that was a serious distance. I mostly ran 15 kilometers, and 10 English Miles (16.1 kilometers). Rarely 21 kilometers. Too far. Now I wouldn’t get in my car for anything shorter.


Veluwezoom trail

The first one I did was the Veluwezoom Trail. The whole week I focused on my food to make sure I had enough carbs and protein. The day itself, we were an hour and a half before the race there. I didn’t want to be late, because of traffic. I wanted to be on time to get my number. And…. Yes, and what?

Once there, there was not so much to do. Some leg swings, some toe yoga. That’s it. I always start slow, so the first kilometers are my warming-up.

Food for the race now? I always eat healthy. I just had some extra pasta and protein today. It’s only 21 kilometers. I’ll be fine.



Preparation? Socks, shoes, shorts, shirt, water, some isotonic drink and some gels. That will be fine. Watch is charged, phone is charged, headphones are charged. That will do it.

I know my watch can do 21 kilometers with GPS without a sweat. My phone as well. Nothing to worry about. Or better; nothing to worry about anymore. I’ve done a couple of these. I got this. I’ll be fine.

That is, I’ll be fine, up until the next big race or the next longer race. Then I will worry again. How quickly things change.

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Today's training

Easy run with Sara: 3x4 5 seconds with 1 minute walking in between
2,7 kilometers in 23 minutes and 54 seconds


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