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Hundred trail running stories online

This is trail running story number hundred that I’m putting online. I think that calls for a celebration. Okay, I say put online, not write because I’ve been writing more. I’ll explain to you in a couple of minutes. But first let me tell you why I started this blog.


Write more

The reason is a personal one. I can tell you all kinds of beautiful stories about how I want to help you have fun running, and getting better, but that’s not the first reason. To be honest, I think it should never be somebody’s first reason.

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I think you should always do what you love. Ideally your work is the reason you get up every day. I love writing, I love trail running. That’s why I started this blog. Going for a run is kind of easy, but I need a reason to write. I mean, I’m not somebody who just sits down and starts to write. I need something to write about. So why not write about my big passion, trail running?


Keep on running

Reason 2 is to keep on running. Yes, going for a run is easy. However, I do have company, together with Sara; La Scimmia Yoga. We work a lot. We love our work. It’s indeed the reason we get up. At the same time, sometimes we work too much. We skip other things we love to do, because there’s work waiting.

Having this trail running blog means running is a priority. If I want to keep on telling you stories, keep on giving you training advice, I have to keep on running, and keep on trying different training methods myself. So, in a good way, this blog forces me to run.

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12 years ago, I opened my own yoga school in the Netherlands. Same reasons. I loved doing yoga. Having a yoga school and teaching yoga forced me to keep on studying, and practicing so I would be able to keep on challenging my students.


Inspire people to (start to) run

At the same time, this blog isn’t just for me. It’s also for you. See, I know how healthy it is to run. I will write a separate story about that. I love to inspire people to start running as well.

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So far that’s working. Sara started to run, Giulia, who teaches yoga courses for our platform, started to run. Mirco, our web designer, started to run. I think. He at least asked for the running schedule I made for Sara. Nicola, who creates mantra courses for us, started to run, and some of our yoga students started to run (again).


Help you to improve your running

Besides inspiring people to run, I would also like to help you to improve your running. No matter if that’s running faster, further, with less injuries or just having more fun running. See, I’m this nerd that likes to read everything there is about trail running and training methodology. What I learn I share with you.


A secret reason

There is one more reason I started this blog. It’s kind of a combination of everything mentioned so far, but with a secret ingredient. What it is, I will reveal when I’m done with that project. Just stay tuned….


More stories to come

Okay, last but not least. I said this is story hundred I’ve put online. Not story hundred I’ve written. There is a difference. I’ve written more stories. I started this project on August 10. That’s more than a hundred days ago. However this blog came online a little more than a month ago, which means I’m still busy putting all the old stories online. So, if you want to read more, just scroll back. There’s probably a story you haven’t read before.

Okay, this is it. This is story number hundred. I want to thank you for reading and sharing them. See you at story number 101.

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