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I am boring and I love it

I think I am boring and to be honest, I love it. Maybe it’s me being 50 years old, maybe it’s me having done so many things in my life, travelling to so many countries, but I’m just happy sitting on the sofa reading a book, studying, running and being with Sara. 

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We’re in Groet, in the Netherlands. We have a little cabin this weekend, as I’m running the 17 kilometers Duinen Trail of Mud Sweat and Trails tomorrow. I’m happy just being here. This morning we slept in. I never do that at home. After breakfast, we sat on the sofa reading books, and that’s when I realized: I am boring and I don’t mind. 



See, I don’t have to go anywhere. Visit anything. Buy anything. Sara and I went out for a run late this morning. Five and a half kilometers through the sand dunes and forest. Four times 8 minutes of running, with 2 minutes of walking in between. With the walk to the start and back it came down to 45 minutes. It was all I wanted. 

This afternoon we went out for a bite, came back, spent some time reading on the sofa, took a siesta and now I’m writing, while Sara is doing yoga. When she’s done, she will be reading, I will be doing yoga, and after that we both will be reading until it’s time to go to bed. That’s my day. Probably pretty boring for a lot of people, but for me it’s perfect. 

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