I am sick

I am sick. That probably explains my dip at the Alfa Bear Trail last weekend

I am sick. Fever. The worst kind. Every muscle in my body hurts, my head hurts, my throat hurts. But it’s been doing that for weeks now. It does place my dip in the last part of the Alfa Bear Trail last Sunday in a new perspective. Although, I think the conclusions I drew yesterday are still valid. 

I’ve had a throat infection for almost 3 weeks now. Nothing mayor, just a painful throat every morning when I wake up. It hadn’t gotten worse, up until now, but it also didn’t get less. It might have been, if I had taken some time off work. Yet, having our own company, that’s not something we ever do. 

On top of that, I have this new project; The Running Dutchman. During the day I work for La Scimmia Yoga and in the evening I write these stories. The idea is to divide my time 50-50, but that’s not possible at this moment yet. We’ll get there. One day.

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Negative COVID test

Saturday I felt good. Just to be sure I didn’t have COVID I did a test. Negative. I mean, I don’t want to be at the start of a race, surrounded by people, while I’m having COVID. I would feel guilty as hell, being the reason other people get sick.

As I told you, I felt great during the race. I had so much power in my legs. And then, after 16 kilometers, out of the blue it was all over. It surprised me, so I tried to figure out what was wrong. Knowing now that I was probably already sick, explains it. 


Days of rest

All I can do now, is take those days of rest I probably already should have taken, when my throat starts to play up. I have to. I can’t keep my eyes open. Not only because I’m really tired, but also, because I’ve got a splitting headache and with my eyes closed it’s slightly less horrible as with my eyes open.  

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Photo: Ludo Grafica

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