I am still not fit

Out for a run. The legs are fine, but I am still not fit, after COVID

Three kilometers done, another ten to go. The legs feel good, my head doesn’t. I have the sensation I’m running through murky water. I feel slow. Tired. It’s almost two weeks since I got sick, but I am still not fit. Far from it.

I kind of declared myself better precisely 10 days ago. That was the first day I felt hungry, after not eating for a couple of days. But that’s also the day I discovered I had COVID. When I had a fever, I tested negative. As soon as I felt better, I tested positive.


Better isn’t fit

A week ago Sara and I started running again. Just a little easy run to make our legs work. Today is my fifth run since I feel better again. But better, is not fit. I get tired very easily. Tuesday I ran less than 4 kilometers. Afterwards I worked a bit in the garden. Just cutting some high grass with the bush mower, but after that I had to sit down.

It was the same heavy feeling as I am having now. It’s like this big mist around my head, making me feel heavy and slow.


No Kempen Trail

In the most optimistic scenario I had, I would be racing today; the Duinengordel Trail in Oudsbergen, Belgium. They have a 30 kilometers race. That’s the distance I want to run. The pessimistic scenario had me racing the Kempen Trail next weekend. A 33 kilometers race. That’s not going to happen as well. Not the way I feel now.

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I know, a lot can happen in a week, but going from not fit to fit enough to run 33 kilometers is a little too much to hope for. However, there is always another race. I now have my eyes set on the Brabantse Kluis Trail. That one has a 30 kilometers as well. And it’s organized by Trail Running. They always do a good job, letting you run in small groups.

They also have a 10 kilometers race. That could be a nice one for Sara. Yesterday we ran 40 minutes straight. She had heavy legs at the end, but she did great. I think two weeks from now, she will be ready for 10 kilometers. Maybe not fully run it, but at least walk and run it. That’s good preparation for her Sussex race next year.

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Being bold

So maybe I am just going to be bold and register us both. Knowing I have a race ahead, will give me some extra adrenaline. That will help me get fit again.

Today's training

Easy Run
13,33 kilometers in 1 hour, 29 minutes and 41 seconds


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