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I bought a GoPro 360 to run with

I have a new camera. The GoPro 360. It will be my running camera. I will let you know if it’s any good.

The cool thing about trail running is that I always run in nice places; forest, dunes, hills, mountains, beaches, you name it. The scenery is almost always stunning. The other nice thing about trail running is that time isn’t important. If you run a 20 kilometer trail run, you might be faster than the 20 kilometer trail run you have run before, but it doesn’t say anything.

Every trail run is unique. The amount of altitude meters is always different. The surface you run on, is always different. Sometimes you have lots of straight gravel paths in a forest, other times you have lots of small winding paths through low growing bushes.

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Joy of running

So time doesn’t count.The only thing that counts is the joy of running, the joy of being outside and the beauty around you. It’s that beauty I like to film and to take photos of.

My phone has a pretty decent camera. Yet, filming with my phone has its limitations. For starters, I can’t film myself running, while running. I have to put the phone down, run back, run past my phone and back one more time to pick it up. It’s not a big problem, unless I want to film myself running up a steep hill. I mean I can run up and down a few times, I just don’t fancy it.


GoPro 360

That’s why I was looking for another option. I think I have found it with the GoPro 360 or GoPro Max as it’s actually called. Now I can film myself running. And the cool thing is, I can film what I am looking at at the same time. The only thing I have to do now, is figuring out how this thing actually works.

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Luckily I have 16 days before I will run the Three Mealls trail race during Skyline Scotland. That should be enough.

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