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I feel like breakfast and a run

It’s 4 am, but I’m wide awake. My shirt is drenched. I feel like breakfast and a run.

This is weird. A couple of hours ago, I went to sleep with a painkiller, because I still had a splitting headache and all my muscles did hurt. Now I feel good. Cold, because of my wet shirt, but good. And for the first time in more than two days, I feel hungry. Although, that’s probably not weird, because I haven’t been eating since Monday afternoon.

It’s just that as quickly as I started to feel bad, Monday evening, I feel good now. Out of the blue. A run at this moment is probably not the wisest thing. It’s pitch dark outside, it rains like crazy, and I just had a fever. Maybe I still have. So a dry shirt and breakfast it is.


Sick Sara

The cat’s at the vet, Sara is in bed. She didn’t feel very well yesterday evening, she woke up horrible this morning. She did a COVID test and tested positive. It was our last test, so I have to get some new ones. I didn’t expect her to test positive, as I tested negative Tuesday morning, just as I did on Saturday.

The cat is having surgery at this moment. I’m trying to distract myself by working a little bit. It’s the only thing I can do.


An alien on the sofa

The cat is home. The surgery was a success, according to the vet. She looks like an alien. The cat, not the vet. She has a sponge sewn to her ear to prevent the stitches cutting in the delicate flesh of her ear. She is curled up on the sofa against me.

The cat and I will be sleeping here tonight. It was Sara’s bed for the last couple of nights, as I was sick. Now it will be ours and Sara will sleep in bed, so she can have maximum rest.

I still feel like running, or at least like being outside for a bit, but with a sick Sara and a cat to look after, I can’t leave the house. Maybe tomorrow…

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