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I’m getting old

It’s the day after my longest run in my second running life and I feel good. At the same time, I’m also thinking I’m getting old. Or maybe it’s just me being anxious again. But that’s for later. Let’s start with the good news. My legs are feeling fine. Yes, my ankles are still sensitive, especially my left one, but that’s all. For the rest I’m fine.

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And I’m not just fine, I ran again. This morning. Sara had to run 3 times 5 minutes with a 2 minute break, according to the running schedule I made for her. So I joined her. I figured that it would be a good way to move my legs. It was. Honestly, my legs felt better during the run, than before or after. So maybe I should just run all day.


Getting old

So why am I feeling old at the same time? Well, it has to do with the new car. See, yesterday afternoon we went to the garden center. They had a charging station there. We hooked up the car and … nothing. It didn’t work. I got a bit anxious because of that.

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We did a test ride a couple of weeks ago. Same type of car. We went grocery shopping in Veldhoven. I saw a charging station, hooked up the car and … nothing. Okay, the dealer told me his charging card was good for most charging stations, not every, but still. My card should have worked yesterday. My card is good for almost every charging station.


Other side of the country

This evening Sara and I drove to the next village. There’s a charging station there. We just wanted to test that one. I mean, next Friday we’ll be driving to the other side of the country. Imagine being half way, having to charge the car and it’s not working. Maybe because the car doesn’t charge, maybe because my card is not working.

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Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I just have all these worst case scenarios in my mind. I used to be worse. Yoga has helped me a lot to control my mind, but still… I prefer to test things, like how to charge an electric car, before I start driving to the other side of the country, and find out I can’t charge it.


Good news

Well, the good news is, we could charge the car. So far so good. This was a slow charger. Next up is finding a fast charger and seeing how that works, and how fast that works. Luckily, I’m only racing next Sunday, and we’re already driving up on Friday, because we’re going away for a couple of days because of my birthday. That will give us 2 days to work things out.

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