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I’ve been sloppy with recovery

Little run today with Sara. Day 8 of her training schedule; 4 times 2 minutes. We’re still running together, which means I’m almost running every day now and that made me think more about what I told you yesterday. My ankle is not feeling totally fine. I think it has partly to do with running more, but mostly with the fact that I’ve been sloppy with recovery.

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Running has gone too well lately. No injuries, no muscle problems, nothing. Before we went on a holiday, I was pretty strict with my recovery. After every long run and every race I asked Peter Hoevenaars to come over for a sports massage. A few times a week I would use a foam roller to massage my muscles. In the evening I would use a massage gun. At work, I would take off my slippers – we have a no shoe office – and massage the soles of my feet on a massage ball.



Being on a holiday in Scotland changed my routine. I had no foam roller nor a massage ball with me. No Peter. However I did have the massage gun with me. I just didn’t use it. It makes this loud buzzing sound and I didn’t want to annoy Sara with it. I mean, we were staying in tiny houses, so I couldn’t go to another room.

As I’m now running more kilometers a week and more days a week than ever before, I should seriously focus on recovery, not being sloppy with recovery. It’s just stupid of me not to do it. No excuses. Just the stupid idea that all is fine with my ankles. But they aren’t fine. I can run, because I’ve been very careful. So if I want to keep running, I have to go back to that.


Casey Neistat and Dan Mace

Luckily Casey Neistat has started making videos again. What that has to do with recovery? Nothing and everything. I like his vlogs. Same for the videos of Dan Mace. Their vlogs last for about 10 minutes. That is one massage session with the massage gun. Watching an episode is a good moment to relax, massage my legs and have fun at the same time.

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