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Just another day of travelling

Can I run, can’t I run? That’s the big question today. We have a day of travelling. In the Netherlands these days that means getting to the airport early, because there is a lack of staff at Airport security, so waiting times are crazy. Often hours and hours.

Getting up early for a run was no option today as Ton Hendriks came by to dig the ditch for the cables for the solar panels. I had no clue what time he would pass by, so I couldn’t leave home.

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There is always yoga

Luckily there is always yoga. I got my practice in, before Ton came by. Well, most of my practice. I was in Savasana, when I heard his bus in the driveway. He was done pretty quickly, but not so quickly that I could go for a run.

Now, I’m killing time in the business lounge of Eindhoven Airport. First time I’m in a business lounge. Great place to work on a day of travelling, great place to hide from the enormous amount of people at the airport, waiting for their planes to leave.



Having everybody going to the airport early, because of problems at security is one thing, having space for them at the airport as soon as they have passed security, is another. Seeing all the people sitting on the stairs I think is a sign there is no space.

Besides that, seeing so many people packed together makes me long for the forest behind our house, where I’m most of the time just on my own. I admit, I’m a bit of a hermit. I love to be on my own. Crowds are not my thing.

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