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My final tests before my ultra

Nice trail run today. Or at least a nice start to my trail run. I went out a bit late, so I finished my run in the dark, and had to take a shortcut, as I was running without a headlamp. But it was good to go, as I wanted to run a new trail, that might be one of my final tests before my ultra trail run.

See, last weekend I ran 32 kilometers. The ultra in Sussex is 53 kilometers. That’s 21 kilometers more. That’s a half marathon more. On top of that, it has 1.600 meters of altitude. To be ready for that, I think I should do a couple of more long runs. Very long runs.


Long distance running

I’m building up slowly, to give my ankles, and the rest of my body, the time to adapt to all this long distance running. Every second week I try to run further. So I’ve done 30 kilometers – 32 to be precise – next up is 35k.

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Coming weekend is my easy weekend, so I was thinking of going for my long run on Boxing day. Today I was drawing some options in my AllTrails app. Option one is to go for a 36 kilometer run that links the Malpie in Valkenswaard, a beautiful national park, to Plateux-Hageven, a nature reserve behind our house. Option 2 is doing three laps around my house, running an extended version of my favorite trail. The run I did today. Well, I did most of it, because of the dark.


Mentally hard

Option 1 is more spectacular, more daring, as I kind of have to keep on running to get home. Option 2 is maybe a bit boring, as I don’t like to run loops. It’s mentally harder to keep on going, as I pass my house after 12 and 24 kilometers.

Yet, I can ask Sara to be my refreshment post. If she comes to the end of our street, she can pass me a new gel, maybe other shoes, a jacket and something to drink. Warm tea or soup would be great.


Mid-winter trail marathon

If I’m able to run those 35 a 36 kilometers, I think I’m ready for a mid-winter trail marathon. I saw one in Belgium in January. It looks like a good option. I’m not sure If I want to run a 45 kilometer test run as well. I’m more thinking of doing 2 days 25 kilometers back to back. If I can do those final tests, the marathon and those 2 days 25k in a row, I think I’m ready for Sussex.

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