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My legs don’t feel like running

Four days to the race. Today is a resting day. Complete resting day, so only a bit of Yin yoga in the morning. That’s it. My legs don’t feel like running. 

Doing laundry in Aviemore, ScotlandI thought about trail running this morning, but I’ve postponed it to tomorrow. My legs don’t feel up to it. Besides that, it’s a travelling day and a laundry day. Or better, the other way around. First laundry, then travelling. 

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I’ve only packed for 8 days, so I absolutely have to do laundry. I need clean underwear! Today is a great day for it. Check out is at 10 am. Check-in at 3 pm. The drive from Nethy Bridge to Kirkhill, our next stop, is only one hour, so we have a lot of time to kill. 


New Delhi

I totally understand that hotels and bed & breakfasts need time to clean. Yet, if you’re doing a road trip and you go from place to place, it does mean you’re often without a room. Same for when you’re travelling by plane, and you have a late flight. What do you do? Pay for an extra night, but not use it, so you can at least stay in your room? Or just hangout in the city or at the airport? 

The best hotel – when it comes down to checking in and out – I ever had was in New Delhi, India. I can’t remember the name and I can’t find it on Google, but it didn’t have a set check-in or out time. You had your room for 24 hours. No matter what time you showed up. 


Loch Ness

Kirkhill is our last stop, before Kinlochleven, where I will run the Three Mealls race at Skyline Scotland. It’s a special one for me, but I’ll tell you all about it in a couple of days.

We picked Kirkhill, it’s close to Loch Ness, with a hard ‘G’. A Dutch ‘G’, as Calum Maclean, the Scottish presenter, swimmer and runner, explains so tactfully in his YouTube video

No, we don’t expect to see the monster – I don’t think you can be so lucky to see the monster and a fairy on the same trip – but we do like to have a look around in this northwest corner of Scotland as well. As this is a place we might want to come back to. But that’s for another day. Today is about resting, reading and driving. 

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