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One more day of rest

The great thing of having your own company is being able to go for a run, whenever you want. The bad thing about having your own company is not having time to go for a run. Today was a day like that. So today I am having one more day of rest.

My legs won’t mind. They can use another day. Or at least a day without running. Probably even more than one extra day. My left knee is protesting a bit. My right ankle is sensitive and my left ankle doesn’t feel great.

Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with my old injury. At least that’s what I think. Or better, that’s what I want to think. Let’s say my ankles are protesting a little bit against all this running. So it didn’t matter that I had to spend most of my day behind the computer.



I had hoped to have a bike ride this morning. Just to give my legs something to do. Instead it became half an hour of Yin yoga. On top of that I had a massage. Peter Hoevenaars comes by at least once a month to squeeze me. It’s never a very nice experience, but always very good. Nice and good aren’t always the same.

After the massage I really had to take a siesta. So, it’s not totally true that I didn’t had time to go for a run. I just preferred one more day of rest. Resting and work. We’re finishing up a new back bend course with Vera Bettiol for our yoga platform, La Scimmia Yoga. As Vera is flying back to Italy tomorrow, we had to record all the last material today.


Core work

This evening, we did take some time to do at least a little bit of core work, in between editing. Consistency is key, so I’m pretty proud we rolled out our mat. And now I am off to bed. A bit early, so I can squeeze in some more yoga. Just some stretches on bed, but they count as well.

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