Restless legs, but no running

Restless legs, but no running. However, I did walk through Edinburgh today

I woke up this morning with restless legs. I think they wanted to tell me it was time to run. Sadly enough I couldn’t.

Well, maybe technically I could have. The ferry was 163 meters long and 28 meters wide. I didn’t see an option to run around, but for sure I could have run 125 meters up and down on the deck. I just didn’t fancy doing that.

No running means doing yoga. Being in a small cabin, I decided to do another session of Yin yoga in bed. With the boat smoothly rocking and the English coast already in sight, it felt extra nice.

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First stop Edinburgh

Bought an inspirational book :-)From Newcastle upon Tyne we drove to Edinburgh, the first stop of our trip. Here we made up for the lack of running kilometers by walking around town. First to Topping & Company Booksellers on Blenheim Place. Maybe the most amazing bookshop in Edinburgh.

After a quick stop at On The Walk, our hotel here in Edinburgh, we walked over the Royal Mile to Blackwell’s bookshop to buy some more books and on to The Pakora Café for Indian food. All of course in the rain, to make the Scottish experience complete.


Designing my first running route

Now we’re back at On The Walk. Sara is doing her best to finish her first book of our holiday. I’m on Strava, designing my first running route of this road trip, from Brunswick, the suburb we’re in, through London road and Regent gardens on to Arthur’s Seat and back through Montgomery Street park. Hopefully my restless legs will be happy with that tomorrow.

Today's training

Yin yoga
50 minutes

city walk
9,6 kilometers


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