Sara has gone wild

Sara has gone wild. She signed up for the Sussex 10k Trail Run.

It happened. Sara has gone wild. She registered for the Sussex 10k. A trail run with almost 400 meters of altitude. Luckily, it’s spring next year, so she has some time to prepare. 

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I am super proud of her and know she will be fine. She’s such a good trail runner. The only thing she has to do, is get used to running and walking uphill. Which is a good excuse for us to go to the Ardennes in Belgium a couple of times. 


Alfa Bear Trail

This weekend we’re running the Alfa Bear Trail in Limburg. She will run the 5 kilometers, which has 180 meters of altitude. That will be a good test. 

I think it’s amazing she wants to run in Sussex. We were already going, as I have planned to run my first ultra there. It’s not going to be an easy one for me, with more than 1.600 meters of altitude, but that’s okay. I love running in beautiful areas and this part of England is famous for its white chalk cliffs. 


Big goal

There is another reason, why I think it’s amazing she’s signed up for the Sussex 10k. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she hopes to run the 11 kilometers trail run in the Dolomites I’ve done last year. It’s the day after my 55k race. Sussex will be a good preparation. 

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New training schedule for Sara

And last but not least, there is one more reason I’m happy Sara has gone wild, because it means I have to make a new training schedule for her.

Well, I already had to, because last Sunday she ran 30 minutes straight, on day 30 of the schedule I made for her. But now I have to make two. One schedule to close the gap between 5 and 10 kilometers and the other one to prepare her for Sussex. That’s going to be fun. 

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Today's training

Recovery run with Sara
5,34 kilometer in 40 minutes and 33 seconds

Abs workout
10 minutes (Kiss my Abs - FitOn)
Yin Yoga before bed
25 minutes


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