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Sara’s first trail run

Sara is going to do her first trail run. This Sunday. I’ve just signed her up. Trail Running is organizing the Keelven Trail in Someren. That’s not too far from here. And they have a 5 kilometers. That’s a good distance to start.

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We’ll be running together. My plan was to run something between 25 and 27 kilometers this coming Sunday. I was hoping to run the 20 kilometers Keelven Trail first, pick-up Sara at the start, and run the 5 kilometers trail together. But we can’t. Work got in the way.


Loft Yoga

Sara is teaching a Zoom class for Loft Yoga this Sunday. We’ve promised Giorgia for so long to do something together, and finally found this date. The online workshop was arranged long ago. It just wasn’t in my new agenda yet. Luckily it was in Sara’s.

My plan now is to go for a 25 kilometer run in the morning, while Sara is teaching, come home and drive with Sara to Someren to run the 5 kilometers together. That way I still make my kilometers, I just have a long break in between.


Walk and run

We won’t be running the full 5 kilometers. Sara is not that far yet. Today we did 4 times a minute and a half. If we swap her rest day on Sunday with her work-out on Monday, we will run 4 times 3 minutes. That will be about 2 kilometers. That’s not bad for a start.

Trail running is a lot of walking, so we’re fine to walk the rest. It’s about the experience. Sara ran one race in her life. On Bali. Years ago. So, it’s all pretty new for her. Let’s see if this race will be the start of more.

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