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See how they run

kay, this title has nothing to do with running. We went to the movies this evening. Today is a rest day, and as Sara has been working last Sunday – her third weekend in a row – we thought we were allowed to go to the movies and watch See how they run.

We also thought we were allowed to sleep in, so that’s how we started the day. Followed by an hour of Yin yoga in bed. Me that is. Sara washed her hair, and with all her curls, that’s an operation that lasts an hour as well.



The rest of the day was administration day. Every Monday is. Not the most exciting day of the week, but I like to get it out of the way, so Monday’s are good for that. And with the promise of a movie around the corner, it makes it easier to work through the invoices and all other stuff for the accountants.

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We went to watch See how they run in lab-1 in Eindhoven. First time we went there. Really nice cinema. Retro, with beautiful movie theaters. Being a Monday, we almost had the place to ourselves. Only two other people came to see the movie.

A shame. It was good. I like innocent movies. I like comedies and I like to be entertained with a good story. This movie had it all. Violence, blood, psychopaths are not my thing. Neither are sex or vulgarity.

That’s probably why I prefer British movies over American movies. There is more depth in them, less sex, less violence, and British movies actually have a story line, where American movies are generally just action because of the action.


Perfect day

There is no action in this movie. No car chases, no sex. Just dialogue, good jokes, nice music and lots of plot changes. In short, a perfect resting day.

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