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She is a runner now

Out for a run. Her idea. Sara confessed yesterday: ‘I missed running today. My body wants to run’. That’s it. She is a runner now.

I think every runner knows that feeling. That restlessness. That need to go outside and run. Life is so much better after a run. Clear head, quiet mind, tired body, good night sleep.


Cat update

The cat had a relatively good night. She slept until 4 this morning. Or at least we slept until 4 this morning, without her waking us up. First thing in the morning she even wanted to go outside. I think it’s a bit too early for that. Her ear is still a mess, but I do think it’s a good sign.

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I mean the last couple of days she was just sleeping on the sofa, trying to be as close to us as possible. She ate, cleaned herself, but for the rest…. It’s probably hope speaking, but I see it as progress.


2×15 minutes

Enough progress for Sara and me to escape the house for a little run. On today’s training schedule; twice 15 minutes with a 2 minute break. We’re having perfect conditions for it. Hardly any wind, no sun, just a little fresh. I don’t think you can ask for more.

This is the fourth time Sara is running 30 minutes.The first time was even 32 minutes, divided in 4x 8 minutes. In this last week of her training schedule, the total running time stays the same, just the intervals become less, but longer.


Distraction technique

The fun of running together is distracting her. As soon as we’re running 12 minutes I just start to ask her all kinds of questions. Partly to see if we’re running slow enough for her to be able to have a conversation, partly to take her mind off the time.

Interval two I start to talk a little earlier. Both times it works. Without noticing it, she runs 15 minutes easily, resulting in a high five. Our way, which means two of her hands against one of mine. That’s about the same size.

When we walk back home, she already starts to talk about tomorrow. Tomorrow’s run. What time, which intervals and if I can join her on the bike? It just confirms it again: she is a runner now.

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