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She is so much fun since she is a runner

Guess what we’re doing on the last day of the year. We’re running the Eindejaarstrail (End of the Year) in the Drunense Duinen. It was Sara’s idea. I swear. She is so much fun since she is a runner.

Don’t get me wrong, Sara has always been amazing. Runner or no runner. But now she runs….

Running presents

Take her birthday. It’s less than a week after Christmas. You know how hard it is to come up with original presents for Christmas and her birthday a week later? But now, now she is a runner. Now I can give her running stuff. Running shoes, running leggings, a running belt and more like that.

You do understand I have to say more, because for Sinterklaas (a Dutch festivity), Christmas and her birthday she gets running gear. So I can’t tell you everything yet. Well, she already got her Brooks running shoes, so she knows that.

And I gave her a Garmin watch as well. The idea was that she tried it on her wrist, after which I wanted to wrap it and put it under the Christmas tree. Yet, she likes it so much, she is not giving it back anymore. I think I will just wrap the empty box  and put that under the tree.

Birthday run

Sara’s birthday is a bit of an inconvenient day; December 31st. It’s pretty hard to organise a party that day. Most people are kind of busy. With my birthday we went a weekend away, and I did a run, the Schoorlse Duinen Trail. Sara now suggested to do a run with her birthday as well.

To my surprise, there are actually a lot of runs on the 31st of December. Probably because it’s a Saturday. Most of them are city runs, street races. We prefer trail running. We also love the Drunense Duinen. It’s one of the first areas I took her, when we came to the Netherlands. So we will race there.

I don’t think you can make me happier, than with a run on the last day of the year. So yeah, she is so much fun since she is a runner.

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