Siesta on the sea

Having a siesta on the sea, while sailing to England

Easy morning. I like easy mornings. Especially on travel days. I even got a Yin yoga session in this morning. On bed. The best place to do Yin yoga. And to do a siesta, but more on that later.

The yoga shala underneath our office was an option, but last night I already put my yoga mat in the car. All the other yoga mats are in the film studio, as this week Boullart will come and place the new floor in the yoga studio. So, yoga in bed it was.


Amsterdam harbor

The ride to IJmuiden – or Amsterdam harbor as it’s called by DFDS, the ferry company – was a smooth one, as was the check in and boarding. I think we parked the car around 15.00 o’clock on the car deck, ten minutes later we were in our cabin, having a siesta.

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The cabin is a sweet one. Small bed for two, but long enough to stretch my legs. Little bathroom with toilet and shower. I don’t think we could have asked for anything more.


From Tenerife to mainland Spain

This is the second ferry ride Sara and I do together. The first was from Tenerife to the mainland of Spain. Tenerife was the first place Sara and I lived together. Well, sort of. The first place was actually an apartment in Monza, Italy.

We fell in love in India. We spent a couple of days together there, after which she had to go back to Italy, and I had to stay in Agonda, India to teach another yoga teacher training course (TTC).

As soon as the TTC was over, I flew to Milan to see her again, and we spent a week in Monza to figure out if our holiday romance could exist without the holiday part. It did. It even passed the test of a month in Rome, to film a 30 day yoga course for La Scimmia Yoga.


From Rome to Tenerife

From Rome we went to Tenerife, thinking that was a good place to live. Within a year and a half we knew it wasn’t and we moved to mainland Spain.

When we went to Tenerife, we had nothing, except a bag of clothes. 17 months later, we had acquired video cameras, tripods, lamps and other film and editing gear. And of course all the furniture to create a nice setting to film a yoga at home class.

So, how did we move all that to the mainland of Spain? Simple. We needed a car in Spain, why not already buy it in Tenerife? So we bought our first car together, a Citroen Berlingo. Berlinga, as we call her. Maybe not the most pretty looking car, but for sure the most handy one, because all we owned, fitted precisely in that car.

The trip we’re making now, is also a little trip for Berlinga. A farewell trip. One of the missions of our company is to be climate neutral. So sadly enough we have to let go of Berlinga. She has to make space for an electric car.


Living in the countryside

August 2017, 5 years and one month ago, we took that ferry from Tenerife to Huelva, Spain; the land of the siesta. To try our luck in the countryside of Rasquera, Spain. This time around the adventure is not so big. This time we’re not on a boat to start a new chapter of our lives. This time we’re just on a boat to go on a holiday. A running holiday.

PS: This is the first time I eat in a restaurant named Northsea that is actually floating on the North sea.

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