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Skyline Scotland, here I come

Yes, the countdown has started! Just 3 more weeks and it’s time for Skyline Scotland. I’ll be racing the Three Mealls Trail race there. 18 kilometers of running and mountain climbing. I can’t wait to start.

The Viking Steam Trail last weekend wasn’t just a test to see if I could do 25 kilometers, it was also a test to see if I am ready for Skyline Scotland. For the Three Mealls Trail race. Okay, this one is only 18 kilometers, but with 663 meters of altitude on some serious single tracks and through bog. It’s not for nothing that this one is nicknamed Bold and Beautiful.


Biggest Trail running event

As soon as we decided to go to Scotland on a holiday, I started to look for a trail race. I mean, what better way is there to discover another country, than by running through it? That’s how I stumbled on  Skyline Scotland, the biggest trail running event in the United Kingdom.

When I registered I couldn’t even run 18 kilometers, but it became a nice goal to work towards. Running the Dolomiti Extreme Trail, 11 kilometers with 614 meters of altitude in Val di Zoldo was test 1. Running up Monte Conero, 19 kilometers with 814 meters of altitude was test 2. Last weekend was my final big test.

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Looking for altitude

Okay, maybe the Steam Trail didn’t have so many altitude meters. 245 only. But what it missed in altitude, it made up for in distance; 25 kilometers. Which brings me to a little problem I have; finding altitude. I don’t only live in one of the flattest countries in the world, I also live in one of the flattest areas in my country. If I run half a marathon in one of the forests around me, I’m already happy when I get some altitude difference of 30 to 50 meters.

Luckily we will be in Scotland for 2 weeks before the race, so I have some time to go for a few walks and runs, with some altitude.

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But for now, I’m just happy the race is coming closer. Yesterday I did my last shopping for it, as there is some mandatory equipment. Next week we’ll pack and then we’re off to a new adventure, a new country and a new race.

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