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Solving photo problems with Joby’s remote control


Euhm, I have to admit, the GoPro Max 360 and I are still not friends. I haven’t had time to figure out how to edit the footage, but worse I can’t shoot the footage I want with it, yet. So for my trail running photos and videos I rely on Joby’s remote control. It’s light, it’s small, it’s super handy.

No, I’m not sponsored by Joby to say this. I don’t think Joby even knows I have one. It’s just that taking running videos and photos was a big pain in the ass for me. The Joby Impulse Bluetooth remote control solved that problem.

Start the timer

See, every blog post needs at least one picture. Preferably a running picture. Before I had Joby’s remote control I would put my phone down, frame the shot, start the timer, run away quickly, turn around and run back towards the camera.

Mostly I didn’t get the shot I wanted. Either I was still running away, or I was too far or too close to the camera. To get one good picture, I would often run up and down 3 times. I mean, I got handy in it, but it was far from ideal.

'Every blog post needs at least one picture. Preferably a running picture'

John Kraijenbrink

Video instead of photo

So I came up with another plan. Instead of taking a photo, I made a video, and just took a still out of the video. The problem with that was that I was more often out of focus than in focus. Something I mostly discovered at home, as I don’t like to stand still to check a video too long, while I’m running. Especially not in winter.

I knew there had to be a remote Bluetooth controller for the phone camera, so I started looking for it online. The biggest requirement; it had to work together with my Google phone and, preferably, with Sara’s Samsung.

Joby’s remote control

There were a few options. I like Joby. I already use their Gorillapod; a tripod with flexible legs. Casey Neistat uses it in his vlogs. That’s how I discovered it. So, I decided to go for Joby’s remote control.

As I was on the Joby website, I decided to buy the GripTight as well. That’s a mini Gorillapod. That way I can hang my phone in trees, around traffic signs, or place it on a fence.

Too much dirt

Before, I would always try to balance my phone on a branch or just place it on the floor, against a rock. As a result it didn’t really want to charge anymore. There was too much dirt in the USB-port.

Now that all belongs to the past. And the best of it all, the remote is so small, if I hold it in my big hands, you can’t see it in the photo. So, long live Joby’s remote control.

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