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Super Sara ran her first 10 kilometers

Wow, I think I have to make training schedule number 3 for Sara. She ran 10 kilometers today. She was supposed to do that 3 weeks from now, but she already did it. She truly is Super Sara.

As you probably know by now, I’m always looking for altitude. This year I ran in the Italian Dolomites, and in the Scottish Highlands. It was beautiful, yet I was struggling running uphill. So today I wanted to go to the Hoge Kempen in Belgium. 25 years ago this was an area full of coal mines. Now it’s a national park with some interesting climbs.

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Scared of the distance

Sara running uphill in Nationaal park de Hoge KempenI found the trail on my AllTrails app last night. Sara was a bit scared of it, being 10 kilometers, but I was sure she could do it. She’s been running so good in the last couple of weeks.

The idea was to run/walk it. But Super Sara amazed me again. We walked, but only uphill as the plan was. The flat parts and all the downhills she just ran. Which was most of the trail. We had altitude, but with 250 meters not a crazy amount. So most of the time we were just running.

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Movie scene

The trail was pretty nice and every now and then it was weird. We started out running around a beautiful lake with the meditative music from Elaisa, the energetic wellness center, drifting our way over the water, which made us feel like running through a movie scene.

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We kept on running around the lake for more than half an hour. Just as I started to wonder if I made a mistake and there was no altitude, we encountered our first climb. Taking us up from 34 meters to 121 meters, the highest point of the day.


Tropical swimming pool

After an hour we had another surprise awaiting us. Instead of following the purple route we had followed so far, the app told us to turn right. That right took us not only onto the Terhills resort premises, but also through a backdoor into the corridor of the tropical swimming pool and 25 meters further, through the front door by the check-in desk back on the street. Back on the purple route.

Half an hour later, we were back at the car. My Garmin told me I had done 10 kilometers. Sara’s Garmin told her she needed 200 meters more to complete her first 10k. So determined as Super Sara was to do so, she ran another lap over the parking lot to finish her first 10 kilometers ever.

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