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Takeaways from the Brabantse Kluis Trail

We’re out for a run. Or to be more precise, Sara is out for a run and I’m joining her on the bike. No running today. I’m giving my ankles a little rest after yesterday’s 32 kilometers trail run. Getting some fresh (cold) air is a good moment to look at my takeaways from the Brabantse Kluis Trail.

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Higher weekly mileage

I felt my legs after 16 kilometers. That’s a little early for somebody who aims to run 50 kilometers this coming March. It surprised me, because when I ran 25 and 27,5 kilometers I didn’t feel them that early in the race.

I think it has to do with the weekly kilometers I’ve been running lately. Or better, the lack of it. The last three weeks I ran 6, 28 and 25 kilometers in total. That’s not a lot.

I’ve got my reasons. I’ve been sick, the cat is struggling with her health. But I’m fine again now, so time to get some more kilometers in. Starting tomorrow.


More cross training

More kilometers doesn’t have to mean only running kilometers. I have to take care of my ankles, so I should do more cross training. I picked up the elliptical from my parents. I’ve used it a couple of times, but I should start using it more structurally.

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Sleep more

If I seriously want to make progress, I have to rest more. Even better, sleep more. The cat has been struggling for more than a month with an ear infection. The way it looks now, there is more to it. To prevent her from scratching her ear all the time, I sleep on the sofa with her. But I don’t really sleep. It’s more laying on the sofa, waiting for the night to be over.

We have to find a solution, because I haven’t had a decent night of sleep in a month. Training is only beneficial if you give your body time to recover. Recovering is resting. It is sleeping. So I can train whatever I want, but if I don’t sleep properly, it’s not going to be any good.


Speed will come

I struggled with my ego yesterday, when I was in last place, directly at the start. Why? It’s stupid. I’m focusing on long distance running. I only picked up running a year and a half ago, after more than 25 years of not-running. I’m still creating a solid base. Longevity is my goal, not personal records.

Only when I have my base, I can bring in speed work. If I’m able to run a trail marathon, my base is complete. Not now. So if people are faster, they are faster.


Be happy

I ran 32 kilometers yesterday and I should be happy with that, but the truth is, I had mixed emotions. I was a bit happy finishing the race, but mostly annoyed by my legs already being painful halfway through the trail. That might be, but I did do it.

I just looked back. I started running July 14, 2021. That day I ran 910 meters. I’ve come a long way. I’m not 20 anymore. I’m 50 years old. I think I’m doing good.

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No cold drinks

The Isostar in my camelbak was ice water yesterday. Cold upsets my stomach. The camelbak in my Salomon race vest has a cooling layer between my back and the camelbak. That keeps my sports drink cool in summer, but it’s not summer. It’s winter. This set-up doesn’t work. I have to find something else.

Okay, I think that’s it. These are my takeaways from yesterday’s Brabantse Kluis Trail. My next race will be the Eindejaarstrail (End of the Year Trail) in the Drunense Duinen. A trail we do to celebrate Sara’s birthday.

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