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The day is over, before it began

No training today. The day is over, before it began. Sometimes you have those days. Horrible, but true.

Maus, the cat, had to go to the vet again, to get her stitches removed. Let’s say they didn’t come out very easily. Her ear still bleeds. When she’s in pain, she likes to be close to one of us on the sofa. So, after I came home that’s what I did. I guess I’m a big softy when it comes down to the cat.


Hormonal yoga course

After lunch Sara took over watching the cat, so I could go to the airport to pick up Vera, our friend and amazing yoga teacher. We’re filming a new yoga course the coming week. We’re even filming three yoga courses in the coming weeks. A part of the new 30/30, the final class of the advanced back bend course and a new hormonal yoga course.

We had a quick tea here, after that I brought Vera away to Hygge, where she always stays when we’re filming. It’s this beautiful group accommodation, just on the other side of the forest behind our house. Then I took over from Sara again, watching the cat.



And I did a lot of planning. Getting things done is kind of important for me. Especially because I’m good at procrastinating. That’s why ticking things off a to-do-list is so satisfying. Every time I get something done, it’s kind of an accomplishment.

There is another side to it. The more organised I am, the more free time I have, and that time goes towards training; trail running, yoga and strength training. Although that last thing I have to pick up again.


Brabantse Kluis Trail

So today wasn’t a complete loss of a day. It’s not totally true that the day is over, before it began. I did something, while watching the cat. Something fun as well, because I registered for the Brabantse Kluis Trail, December 10. I’ll run the 30 kilometers there. Later than planned, but with having been sick and the cat, it’s the best I can do.

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Plus, the Sussex ultra is more than 3 months away. I have time.

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