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The legs feel good, the cat feels good

Let’s start with the best news of today. Maus, our cat, doesn’t have a tumor. She is going to be fine. Way, way less important, but still positive news, my legs feel good. I hardly notice that I did a 27,5 kilometers trail run yesterday. 

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Even my ankles feel fine. Although, I still don’t trust them 100 percent. Sometimes they take a day to start nagging me. It’s kind of the same with muscles. Normally the second day after a run they feel the most soar. So, let’s wait for tomorrow to see how my ankles are. 


Alfa Bear Trail

My legs, I totally trust. If my legs feel good today, they won’t give my any problems tomorrow. So, I did something bold. I signed Sara and me up for the Alfa Bear Trail this coming Sunday. Sara will be running 5 kilometers, I will be running 24. 

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Normally I won’t do two runs of more or less the same distance in a row. If I run far one weekend, the weekend after I do a medium run. But he, let’s try this. I have to make the kilometers anyway. 


Alfa beer brewery

Sara was convinced pretty quickly. I think it’s because the race starts in front of the Alfa beer brewery. That’s one of the best beers we have in the Netherlands. I know where she wants to stop after the race…

There is another reason I want to run this race. It’s got 560 altitude meters. That’s a lot for the Netherlands. To give you an idea, when I ran the 11 kilometers Dolomites Extreme Trail last June, I had 614 altitude meters. 

Okay, that was half the distance, but still. I mean, I have only run 3 times on a trail with more altitude: the Dolomiti eXtreme Trail, the Three Mealls Trails Race in Scotland and when I ran up Mount Conero, from Sirolo in Italy. 

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Next year I want to run the 55 kilometers in the Dolomites. That race has 3.800 altitude meters. So, the more I can train running uphill, the better. Starting this Sunday.

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