Time to think about Saturday’s race

Sara and I are out for a run, which is a good moment to finally think about Saturday’s race; the Brabantse Kluis Trail in Aarle Rixtel.

Sara and I are out for a trail run. We just missed the sun. Yet, it’s still nice to be outside. Fresh, or actually cold air, leaves crunching under our feet, and for the rest just stillness. The perfect conditions to finally start thinking about Saturday’s race; the Brabantse Kluis Trail in Aarle Rixtel, the Netherlands.

I mean, I thought about it, when I registered, but after that, no. I had too many other things on my mind. The biggest one, the cat. Yesterday we had to do an emergency visit to the veterinarian. Maus’ ear was totally swollen again, and somehow at night she managed to take off her recovery collar. As a result her ear was bleeding all over.


Resting is training

Ever since she had surgery I’ve been sleeping with her on the sofa at night. Just the last couple of days I switched the sofa for our bed, halfway through the night. I mean, I do have to sleep. On the sofa I really don’t. When you run, resting is as important as training.

But that’s tonight’s problem. Now, Sara and I are out here in the cold. Doing our recovery run, which for me is directly a test run. Sunday I was wearing a merino wool base layer with a medium layer on top. That was too cold. Especially my belly didn’t like that. As my intestines are my weak spot, I want to wear something else in Saturday’s race.

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I had a running jacket with me last Sunday, but it was too warm. Now I’m wearing a craft base layer, the same Rukka mid layer, and the Rab top layer, I bought in Scotland. This feels great. I think this will be Saturday’s outfit.


Grey and humid

It’s grey and humid today. It looks like Saturday will be the same. Humid, but dry, so I think I can leave my rain pants in the car. Just to be sure, I’ll take my rain jacket with me. It’s a Salomon, that’s designed to fit over a running vest, with camel back.

I haven’t decided which pants I will wear. Long ones for sure, but I don’t have running tights yet. I ordered some at Craft, but they haven’t arrived. I normally run in sweatpants, but the wind goes through them, and because the legs are wide, they easily hook behind branches.


Soft trail shoes

Almost 4 kilometers done. One to go. This is just a recovery run. Sara is doing great. She’s feeling her legs, after her first 10 kilometers ever. I do feel my ankles a little bit. We expected to run a trail last Sunday, as we ran through the forest. However, it was all asphalt. My ankles don’t like that. They love the soft trail we’re running on now.

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Which brings me back to the coming Saturday. I will wear my Brooks Caldera 6 for sure. I don’t call them my soft trail shoes for nothing. They are sturdy, yet they give me a lot of cushioning. 30 kilometers is going to be tough for my ankles, so they can use all the softness I can give them.

We can see the bridge. It’s our starting point and our finish. A couple of hundred meters and we’re there. Good, I’m hungry. Which reminds me; I have to buy new Maurten gel. I’m out. I can use some gels this Saturday. I still prefer something salty, but I haven’t found anything better than Maurten yet. Although, I did like the Isostar bars my sister gave me for my birthday. Maybe I should try their gels as well.

Yes, bridge. Recovery run done, and I think I’ve made up my mind and made my to-do-list for this Saturday’s race as well.

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