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Watching seals at Saint Mary’s Point

Travelling day. Luckily we have a late check-out at Hotel 52 in Whitley Bay, which gives us the time to go and watch seals at Saint Mary’s Point.

It’s the perfect way to digest breakfast, or rather yesterday’s Indian food. We never eat dinner. Last night I did, as I figured I should eat something extra after a day in the car with not a lot of food. I mean, my body is still in recovery mode after the Three Mealls Trail race in Scotland, so some extra nutrients won’t be bad.


Old pain du chocolat

It’s around 9 am and after a not very good breakfast – old pain du chocolat, old croissant – we set out for the lighthouse at Saint Mary’s Point. It’s the same walk as we did yesterday, but walking by the beach never gets boring.

Yesterday was a bank holiday here in England, because of the funeral of Queen Elisabeth, and the promenade next to the beach was full of people. Today it’s quiet. Some people walking their dogs, a handful of people running. That’s it.

It takes us a little bit more than half an hour to reach the lighthouse, where we stare at the water. The sky is grey, the sea is grey, the wind is cold and occasionally a drop of rain falls down. No wonder we don’t see any seals. If I was them, I wouldn’t come ashore as well. In the water it is probably better than on land.



Before we leave, we walk to the other side of the lighthouse and it’s there where we spot the seals. First one little head above the water, than two and after a couple of minutes three. They are not on the rocks, but close by them. They stick their head out, look around, dive and surface again, belly up, tail up.

We watch them for a couple of minutes, before we head back to the hotel to grab our bags, and drive to Newcastle on Tyne, where we will get the ferry back to the Netherlands.

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