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What will be my next trail run?

Resting day today. My legs are a bit stiff after yesterday’s race. Yesterday’s record race. (smile). This morning I just did a bit of Yin yoga. This evening Sara and I went for a little walk and did some core training. That’s it. No running? Well, not on my feet, but in my mind, yes. See, I am already asking myself what will be the next trail run I’m going to do?

Okay, the next one is in Scotland, the Three Mealls Trail. After that I will run the Duinen Trail (Dunes Trail) in Schoorl, the Netherlands on October 30e. That’s my birthday run. October 27th I’m turning 50. Sara and I will celebrate by going away for the weekend.

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I am weird

I celebrate by running 17 kilometers. Okay, I admit I am a bit weird. The first weekend of our honeymoon I did a Tui Na (Chinese) massage training. I think Sara has learned to live with me. At least the good thing about the massage training is that she gets massages.

But back to the trails. I chose Schoorl for my birthday weekend, because of the trail run there that weekend. Well, the trail run and the beautiful nature. I select my runs, based on places I want to visit. That’s why next year May I run the 25k in Snowdonia, Wales.

Sometimes it works the other way around. I see runs I really want to do, and try to find a nice place or special hotel or apartment (tiny house) nearby. I will tell you about my dream run tomorrow.


One trail run per month

I like to do at least one trail run race each month. The weekends are for long runs, so why not doing an organised trail run? September Scotland, October Schoorl.

November is still empty in my schedule. So maybe today I am not running, but I am looking for a run to do. I think I have found one. Let’s see what Sara thinks of it. If she likes it, I will book it. I’ll keep you posted.

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