Wrapping up 2022

Let’s hope I can run the Eindejaarstrail pain free tomorrow, with my injured left knee. I gave it a rest. I've just been wrapping up 2022.

Six kilometers on the elliptical, without pain in my left knee. I think that’s a good sign for tomorrow. I’ve been treating my left knee intensively yesterday. Let’s hope I can run the Eindejaarstrail (End of the Year Trail) pain free tomorrow. For the rest, we’ve been taking it easy. I’m wrapping up 2022. I think easy is good for my leg.

It’s Sara’s birthday tomorrow. She wants to do a run on her birthday. I don’t think I can fuck up anything in my left knee by running. As I told you, it feels like trigger points in my Sartorius muscle. Rest and treatment will fix it.

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Winning a medal

Sara started running this year. She’s done two races so far, but at the Keelven Trail they didn’t have any medals, and at the Alfa Bear Trail the medals were sold out, by the time we registered. She really likes to win a medal, so I think we should go tomorrow.

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Although, if I look outside, I can hardly see anything. It’s only a quarter past four, but it’s grey and it looks like it’s raining horizontally. I know all the rain that falls now, won’t fall tomorrow. However, compared to tomorrow, today is a good day. So, it’s going to be an interesting trail.


Mud and rain

Not just for the weather, also the distance and surface. The trail is in the Loonse en Drunense Duinen, a beautiful national park, less than an hour from here. Yet, it’s sand. That’s hard. Two months ago I ran the Duinen Trail in Schoorl, after which I promised myself not to run in sand for the next couple of months. Well, a couple turns out to be two.

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My hope was that we would run through a frozen landscape. But no. If Sara really wants her medal, she will have to work for it. Also because the trail is 2,5 kilometers longer than the longest run she has done so far. Looks like she’s in for a treat.

The good thing is, she has spent most of her time on the sofa this week. Reading books. Hopefully she is rested.


Clean slate

I worked a bit. Putting all the blogs online, I had written before this website was published. For the rest I am just organizing some things, doing some little jobs in and around the house. Kind of wrapping up 2022, so I can start 2023 with a clean slate.


Today's training

6 kilometers in 34 minutes and 31 seconds

Core workout
10 minutes

Yin Yoga in bed
30 minutes


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