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Yin yoga for a happy body

I haven’t done any training today yet. I’ve been lazy and busy at the same time. Lazy, because I could have made time to train, busy because I wanted to work in the garden. You couldn’t see the street anymore, because of the amount of leaves. But I will make it up to myself by doing Yin yoga for Runners this evening,  just to make sure I have a happy body.

I think it’s my favorite form of yoga these days. It’s slow, it’s silent, it feels good and it keeps my tendons, ligaments and joints happy. Especially my tendons have given me lots of problems in the past. They used to feel like bones, that’s how hard they were. Thanks to all Yin yoga, they are now a bit flexible. 

In love with my legs

This flexibility helps me to deal with the impact trail running has on my body. I mean it’s a good impact. Sara is in love with my legs these days. If it’s up to her, I go around the house in shorts all day. At the same time, all the running is hard on my joints and tendons. I dare to say that without doing Yin yoga I would have been injured ten times already. Instead I have a happy body.

Which brings me to a promise I made to you. I would share what I discover this second running life. Well, Yin yoga is a big discovery. And as I feel very comfortable talking about it – I have studied Yin yoga in detail – it will be the first thing I’m going to share.

Yin Yoga for Runners

So in the coming days I’ll put an article online explaining the benefits of Yin yoga, and one of these days I will step into our film studio and record a Yin yoga class for runners for you, combining my two passions: running and yoga. But for now I should go and practice myself.


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