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Yoga first, running later

My body needs yoga. I feel like running, but that has to wait. My hips and low back hurt too much, after all these nights on the sofa. I’m not built to lay down, I’m built to move. So yoga first, running will come later.

I know yoga will solve my back problems. It always has, so why not now? The muscles in my low back have always been giving me problems. I think it has to do with my relatively long legs.

In case you missed it, I’m not sleeping on the sofa, because of a fight with Sara. I’m sleeping on the sofa, because the cat has had surgery. She has to wear a collar to make sure she doesn’t scratch herself, but she goes crazy with that thing around her neck. Only when she is with me or Sara she is calm. So, I sleep with the cat on the sofa.

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Yin yoga

Today I found a bit of time to do some Yin yoga. A bit, but that’s a good start. I mean, it’s a medical center here, with Sara still being sick and the cat recovering from surgery. I’m a full time nurse.

Maybe tomorrow morning I can get another session in. If that feels good, I hope to go for a little run. Nothing crazy. Maybe just 5 kilometers to get some fresh air. It’s my last chance to get a run in, otherwise I will finish this week without any running at all. I can’t remember the last time that has happened.

So yeah, not that much to tell today. Well a lot, but this should stay a trail running blog, and the way it goes now, it’s slowly turning into a medical block. So I’ll end this entry here.

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