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You can’t repair a car when it’s driving

The day after I feel better, I test positive. COVID. There goes another day of trail running. Instead of that, I will do nothing. As an Ayurvedic doctor once taught Sara and me: ‘You can’t repair a car when it’s driving’. 

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And if you can’t repair a car when it’s driving, you can’t heal a human body when it’s running around. Literally or figuratively. So rest it is. Although, I have to admit, rest makes me restless. 


Ayurvedic clinic

It’s more than 5 years ago, Sara and I spent 3 weeks in an Ayurvedic clinic in Tamil Nadu, India. We were both struggling with irritated bowel syndrome (IBS). In my case it was caused after a parasite destroyed the inner lining of my intestines quicker than my body could repair it. 

In the clinic we weren’t allowed to do anything. Healing is resting. Everything that could be stressful for the body, had to be avoided. To the extreme. A shower? No, too stressful. Cutting your nails? No, too stressful. Yoga? No. A shave? Again no. Walk? No. Study? No.

We were allowed to sit and look in front of us, meditate, read fiction, drink our medicine and eat. Once a day we had our treatment. After that, we could rinse off. Then we had to return to our room for the remainder of the day. Only, early morning were we allowed to leave the room to sing mantras

No internet, no phones. Nothing. But it worked. When we left, we didn’t have IBS anymore. 


No hardcore

I’m not planning to do it so hardcore this time. But I will be good. Today. I will stay inside and not go for a run. Maybe I will watch a movie, write a bit. For the rest I have the cat and Sara to look after. So this time my body won’t come to a total hold, but hopefully it slows down enough to repair itself. 

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