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Back on your Mat

It’s Back on your Mat weekend. Back on your yoga mat that is. We’re trying to encourage yogis to start practicing again, after the holidays. It’s funny that something what feels good, sometimes is so hard to do. I kind of told you that already yesterday.

What works best for me, is rhythm. Get up, do yoga or go for a run, meditate, have my shower, have breakfast, and start working. Around 7 in the evening I finish work, and do strength training. Three times a week core and – the plan is – three times a week legs and arms.


Yoga in bed

If I run in the morning, I like to do a bit of yoga before I go to bed. Just some Yin yoga, which I can even do in bed. If I’ve already done yoga in the morning, I read in the evening. And that’s my day.

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I love this routine. Yes, it costs energy to exercise, but I feel I get more energy in return. On top of that, running and meditation clears my head, which is good for my productivity and creativity.



It goes wrong, when my rhythm gets disturbed. That can even be a nice disturbance, like a holiday. Last September we went to Scotland. After that trip we really never picked up our rhythm again. Okay, we had the cat being terminally ill, but still.

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Christmas and New Year are another disturbance. Again, a nice one, but it often throws my rhythm off, and I know I’m not the only one. That’s why we organize Back on your Mat. To help our yoga students find their rhythm again, to motivate them to pick up their practice again, in case they stopped and to let them feel again how nice it is to practice.


No weekend

The funny thing is, it disturbs our rhythm. See, we started Friday morning with free, live classes on YouTube. That was kind of okay. However, we also had a class Friday evening, which meant Sara and I had to work. This morning was another class. Work again. This evening will be another one, and Sunday morning is the last class.

With all the extra messages and emails we get, it means we’ll be working most of the weekend. So there goes our rhythm. Hopefully by Monday we can be back on our mat ourselves again.

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